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English Oak Vineyard, Flowers Drove, Poole, Dorset, England

Chinkapin Sparkling Rosé 2010.   Delicious and made in Dorset

Englemann Sparkling Brut 2010.  Perfectly dry with lovely balanced fruit


Veuve Valmante, Nv Brut Sparkling Cuvée Traditional

This is simply a very good, well made dry sparkling wine, totally unpretentious


Chante d'Or Vin de Pays De France

Grenache - Merlot, 12.5%.  This is a soft and rounded red wine which when given a little time to breathe would grace even the finest roast beef, venison or luscious leg of lamb

Sauvignon Blanc 11.5%.  Light crisp and totally delicious; all the Sauvignon fruit flavours are there along with a good helping of balancing citrus.  Perfect with seafood, chicken salad, or lightly flavoured pasta

Sauvignon Blanc - Gros Manseng 11.5%.  This lovely palate cleansing wine has a very slight sweetness making it ideal with Asian & Far Eastern cuisine


Bodgas Navajas, Rioja, Spain

Navajas Tinto Sin Crianza 2013.  We have stocked this Tempranillo based red wine for nearly 30 years and there has never been a bad vintage; some have taken their time to come round but in the end you have a delicious and consistent light red wine every time.   Taste the fruit not the Oak!!

Bodegas Vina Siegel, Colchagua Valley, Chile, Premium Varietals

Crucero Sauvignon Blanc 2013.  This is a delicious example of just how good Chilean Sauvignons can be.  The fruit was sourced in the Curico valley

Crucero Chardonnay 2013.  Rich buttery biscuit flavours are balanced by a refreshing crisp acidity.  All fruit was sourced in the Cochagua Valley
















































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